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The IroquoiSystems DataCore Sotware Development Kit (SDK)

Disparate communication protocols and data collection formats present unique challenges for data analysis and visualization in an environment characterized by increasing scale of distributed modeling and simulation.  Due to time and budget constraints this often results in specialized solutions that handle the immediate needs of the analyst but cannot respond quickly to changing data formats, new analyst requirements, or hardware scalability problems.


The IroquoiSystem DataCore SDK is an advanced, comprehensive and cross-platform software package that addresses these challenges with an open architecture that maximizes user flexibility while providing functionality to handle cross-cutting concerns in data analysis.  It includes everything a user needs to reduce data, generate plots and tables, and construct reports.


The SDK is designed with object-oriented best practices and as a result is decoupled from any data formats used in the analysis. It provides an API to the user that can be used to create custom data handlers, filters, utilities, and reports while leveraging a set of common libraries that can be used across projects and domains.  It also provides an infrastructure for dynamically managing the organization of resources associated with user-developed products based on the Iroquois DataCore SDK.

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