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The IroquoiSystems DataCore Sotware Development Kit (SDK)

Disparate communication protocols and data collection formats present unique challenges for data analysis and visualization in an environment characterized by increasing scale of distributed modeling and simulation.  Due to time and budget constraints this often results in specialized solutions that handle the immediate needs of the analyst but cannot respond quickly to changing data formats, new analyst requirements, or hardware scalability problems.

The IroquoiSystem DataCore SDK is an advanced, comprehensive and cross-platform software package that addresses these challenges with an open architecture that maximizes user flexibility while providing functionality to handle cross-cutting concerns in data analysis.

It includes everything a user needs to reduce data, generate plots and tables, and construct reports.

Infrastructure Design, Modernization, Maintenance Experience:

Improvements through computing cannot happen without infrastructure investment. Even for email, the infrastructure is tremendous… think of all of the email servers, network lines, network devices, home computers, work computers that are required, not to mention all of the business that have evolved to teach you how to use these things. There has been a tremendous infrastructure modernization/investment that has been necessary to achieve these improvements in cost, speed,

and performance. As technology continues to advance these investments will be necessary to continue to operate efficiently and effectively.


Business Process Re-Engineering


Once an infrastructure is emplaced, it must be exercised, otherwise, why invest?! This area is one of the most exciting areas of work because it is THE opportunity to reinvent and revolutionize business
and processes. In different terms, these are the ‘productivity’ improvements that have helped and will continue to help lead our economy to long-term growth without inflation.


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